Update: Off grid!

Hello from the High Sierras!!

Currently snagged a tiny bit of service out here overlooking Owens Valley (mi. 734.5). I am so excited to update y'all on all things PCT, from the last desert stretch to entering the snowy, snowy Sierras of Central California. This update is coming soon!! I'll be resupplying this coming weekend and will hopefully have a post or two queued. 

A huge shoutout to all the friends that have reached out in support as I enter this leg of the PCT! Your thoughts and prayers mean the world. I wish I could buy each of y'all a beer and catch up on life. Soon.

Things are great out here. Bear cans are heavy, crampons are awkward, ice axes are excellent back scratchers.... and not carrying 7+ L of water is a DREAM. 

Talk to y'all soon!!