Still Outside

Committed to the Outdoors.

Just before the four-way stop in Ferndale, Arkansas is a gravel driveway off Studer Road. Here, I discovered the outdoors as home. The trampoline. The creek cutting through my backyard. The trails that connected familiarity to meadows of possibility. Sure, road trips to the West’s massive landscapes are an integral part of my self development. But my understanding of the outdoors’ importance was threaded in my soul from day 1. Simply put, I grew up outside.

Mom and Dad, THANK YOU for allowing the girls and I to create worlds outside. You saved us from “pneumonia.” You built 100m ziplines and lawsuit-ready-to-happen-but-incredibly-bad-ass tree swings. You marched around the property as barbarians with torches. You welcomed strangers as family with feasts and bonfires, setting a standard of how to welcome others to camp. On Glenn Family Work Days (aka: Saturdays), the outdoors became a place to care for and learn from, while on the days off they existed as a place to love, celebrate, and enjoy – supported with sprinklers under the trampoline and climbing rope on stone chimney.

Skip forward a decade, I‘m Still Outside, but I’m growing frustrated by those who aren’t. I’m bummed (putting it lightly) by the state of our environment and the apathy of many communities. I’m disheartened by those who choose ignorance in fear of partisan discussion or change in lifestyle behavior. But I also understand the life-altering, decision-changing powers of the outdoors and feel the hope rising.

One Percent.


In October 2018 I joined 1% Percent for the Planet’s global network as an individual committed to donating 1% of annual salary directly to environmental nonprofits.
”Now more than ever, our planet needs the private sector - businesses AND individuals - to step forward and support the nonprofits who are advocating, stewarding, cleaning up, protecting, and otherwise creating a healthy future for our only home.”

I will be updating this page on more specifics on my give in Spring ‘19. For now, look at becoming a member yourself!