Father/Son Thru-hike

“Dad, I want to hike the JMT with you.”

I expressed this dream on Father’s Day 2017 while on the PCT, about 100 miles into its overlap with the John Muir Trail. I hoped these words would spur conversation and possibly lead us to apply for permits in the coming years – I did not expect the hike to take form so quickly.

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This hike was a reminder the impact time outside can have in relationships. My dad has always been my best friend. He’s my go-to dude. On the JMT, we breached a new level of friendship – a byproduct of the vulnerability required to co-tackle any large project. Togther, we shared meals, crossed mountain passes, played cards, and forded rivers, becoming first-hand witnesses to the evolution of our friendship.

Andrew GlennJMT2018