Top 5 FAQ for the CDT/GDT


Whew! Acronyms are hard. So is explaining a thru-hike.

Here are the 5 most popular questions I’ve recently received since deciding on my upcoming thru. Have your own Q? Send me comment, text, DM, postcard, or owl. I’m building out a bulkier FAQ and want to try and answer!

  1. How long is it going to take?

    In miles? ~3,800.
    In months? Five (fingers crossed).
    In borders? Seven (5 states, 2 provinces)
    In shoes? Fourteen to sixteen (7 or 8 pairs).

    *Seasons of Love plays gently in the background*

  2. Has anybody done this route before?

    This route? Technically, not to my knowledge. But people have connected the CDT to the GDT in a continuous thru – I’d predict this number to be around a dozen? Out of thew few I’ve seen, I haven’t heard of anyone adding on the Wind River High Route. I’m really really excited.

  3. What’s your biggest concern?

    I’m concerned about the social aspect. To be able to complete the dreamed route, I will have to average 27 miles a day…. every day, including resupply days. Also, the CDT is just pretty dang remote, which brings out fewer day hikers than the PCT and AT.

    Expect a blog or two on this later.

  4. How is this different than the Pacific Crest Trail?

    In addition to it being more a longer, more remote trek, connecting these trails will require a good amount of route finding, especially on the WRHR and in Canada. This means the trail will disappear for hundreds of miles, calling for GPS and topo maps to navigate overs passes, through forests, and across fields of talus.

    When in doubt, head North… right?

  5. Can I send you a letter/package?

    Ha, yes! Email me at I am all for the snail mail, and we can find the best post office to send something to.

Bonus question: So, are you… camping?

Yes, I am truly living outside April – October.